What's in your bag? Dance Class Edition

School has started, classes and subjects are new. You’re trying a different dance style this season (different shoes!?) but you’re also giving art lessons and swimming a try too!

Let those awesome parent time & object management skills trickle down to your kids and help them organize a “Dance Bag” so no matter if the bus is late, you’ve removed one stress inducing obstacle for your student’s psyche and set them up for success!

Let’s start with the number 1 tenet of Dance Bag Items


This doesn’t need any further explanation. Just do it! I’m talking BOTH Right and Left Shoes, the tags of the tights and the dance sweaters, DEFINITELY THE WATER BOTTLE.

Dance Bag Essentials:

  • Pack of Hair Ties

  • Pack of Bobby Pins (we recommend the longer pins for better hold)

  • Brush

  • Headbands to hold back wispies or for girls with shorter haircuts.

  • Deoderant

  • Baby Powder - to put in shoes to help them slip on and off easier and to reduce sweat and smell.

  • Extra tights (we sell them at MIM for $8). Because you forgot about that HUGE HOLE or RUN.

  • All of your dance shoes. We use TAN Jazz Shoes and TAN Tap shoes!

  • Sweater or pull-over for colder days. No baggy sweatshirts or hoodies. We allow a cover-up for the first few warm-up exercises.

  • Dance Shorts - to pull over leotard & tights for jazz, acro & modern classes.

  • Snacks: granola bars, crackers etc. We are a nut-free studio!

  • Water Bottle

  • “Personal Items” kit: including;

    • Advil/Ibuprofen as needed or allowed by parents

    • Allergy medicine as needed or allowed by parents

    • tampons & pads

    • Contact solution

    • bandaids

    • chapstick

    • Anything else you may need to feel comfortable!

Last but not least, every now and then we will release important printed materials to go home with your student! So, check the dance bag for paperwork every now and then relating to the dance studio.