Receiving Your June Show Costumes

June Show Costumes are slowly beginning to trickle in...

Can you believe there are just ELEVEN more weeks until we go on stage at the Hackney Theater at Norfolk Collegiate on Saturday June 9th?!

Several student's classes have already received their costumes for the June Show:
Monday 4 pm Acro
Monday 4 pm Ballet/Tap
Tuesday 5:15 pm Tumble/Tap
Wednesday 4 pm Tap 3
Wednesday 5 pm Modern 4
Friday 4:30 pm Acro

The following classes will be receiving their costumes THIS WEEK:
Monday 4 pm Contemporary 5
Monday 5 pm Tap 4/5
Monday 5 pm Modern 3
Monday 6 pm Jazz 3
Monday 7 pm Hip-Hop 3/4
Tuesday 7 pm Contemporary 2 (will be keeping skirts to practice in)
Wednesday 6 pm Jazz 5
Thursday Pointe 2/3

Our costume company has a NEW 45 day return/exchange policy.  This means that instead of waiting for a single 2 week period for ALL costumes to be given out on a date that is closer to the show - we have accelerated the timeline to a "trickle effect."  

Q: Where is my student's costume, it's not on this list?
A: Not all sizes and costumes are available or are in-stock this early in the year.  Several classes have costume ship dates as late as end of April or Early May.  Often, they ship early!  Once we receive a "complete set" for ALL students in a class, we will distribute the costumes for that class. 

Q: I'm not sure about the look/fit of the costume that was sent home, what do I do?
A: Costumes are tried on in class and the teachers and owner, Mrs. Lauren approve the fit of the costume before sending home.  

  • If a costume is DAMAGED, we will keep it to exchange.  This is free of charge. 
  • If a costume does not fit and needs to be exchanged, we will keep it to return.  This is free of charge if you completed your student measurement form.  If you did not complete a student measurement form, there is a $5 shipping fee. 
  • We will be having an ALTERATIONS DAY with our studio seamstress on Saturday May 19th at 1 pm.  We will be emailing our list of desired alterations based on in-class try-ons to come in on this day.  If you would like additional alterations, inexpensive pricing has been arranged. 

Things to note about costume fitting:
Children's bodies are vastly different shapes and sizes, even more so than adult sizes if you can believe it!  Ideally, all costumes will have a little "room" so that there are no itchy, uncomfortable areas from sequins, fringe, tutu's etc.  This also allows for growth between now and June.  Some costumes will be a little tight.  All students will be wearing tights under their costumes as appropriate to cover the legs and bottoms for modesty.  Some students get lucky and get a perfect fit. 

The reality is, that the students wear the costume on stage for a fleeting 2 to 4 minutes, and we can make it through that time!  

Costume Procedure:

1. Store the costume immediately on a hanger in the PARENT'S closet, away from the prying hands and eyes of the student. 

2. Do Not Take the costume out again or try it on until Photo Week May 14-16.

3. Hang Tutu's upside down from the crotch of the leotard to keep the tutu fluffy and not squished. 

4. Place all head pieces in a plastic bag and attach directly to the hanger. 

5. Label the inside of the costume with your students name/initials IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIVING. 

6. Place in a garment bag to protect. 


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