So, About this June Show....

In Virginia Beach, October and November can still feel a lot like Spring-Time.  And yet, June is still a long 9 months away!  With a dance season only going the length of the school year, why are we talking about the "June Show" already, requiring costume deposits so early (December 1st by the way!) and what is the "June Show" anyways?

We are a family friendly, easygoing and fun-loving atmosphere, but at Music In Motion, we take dance as an art form seriously as well.  In fact, many of your student's instructors spent a pretty penny even studying it is a primary goal in college!  That's dedication.  Our studio has been a staple of the greater Hampton Roads Arts Community since its days as Children's Dance Theater in the early 80's and it's our goal to continue to uphold a reputation for quality, professional education not only in dance technique after school, but in the theater arts as well! 

Step 1:

tip make-up - bun.jpg

Embrace your role as a new dance parent, arm yourself with bobby pins, hairspray, extra hair ties (PS clear nail polish stops runs in tights). Find the kid or mom who knows how to make a bun or french braid (I'm still terrible at it, in fact, I cut my hair short to avoid making buns my whole professional career) and make best friends with those people.  Encourage the dance performances on the deck and in the back yard with friends; provide props & be the DJ.  PLEASE avoid acro on the trampoline, but, we do what we can... 

Step 2:

Get your costume balance in on time. We order costumes as soon as we come back from Winter Break and they STILL take until May to arrive to the studio! There are likely 50,000 dance studios in the U.S - but I can only name under 10 costume companies off the top of my head, and trust 3 of them.  Thus, costume deposits are due EARLY.  Get the Costume Details here and cross it off your list before the holidays. 

Step 3:

Starting in the New Year, every class at the studio, from Ballet 1 to Advanced Hip-Hop will begin working on a "June Show Piece."  Each class gets an 'entry' into our end of year performance. (TIP: Check out the Studio's Yearly CALENDAR with all important dates and events) 

Step 4:

We're skipping a few details here (tickets, rehearsals etc. which will come in the spring) to cut to the chase. 

Your child, on stage.  Your family, in the audience.  They've worked so hard all year to get to this point, they've improved, they've asked questions, they've grown, they're nearly 1 year older now (sorry!) This special day is for them to soak in the love, the wonder of the theater and arts experience.  They get to spend a Saturday night backstage with new dance friends getting hair and makeup done then pulling on their sparkly, exciting costume.  Feel the nerves of waiting in the wings and watching the older dancers dance and wondering "Will I be able to dance like that one day?"

This is the June Show, and it is awesome!

tap backstage.jpg