Make-Up Classes

Has your student missed a dance class at Music In Motion because they were sick, too much homework or a conflict with an outside activity?  Here's how to claim your MAKE-UP classes at Music In Motion. 

Step 1:


Ms. Lauren will:
- Look-up how many class absences your student has

-Make suggestions on appropriate alternate classes to "make-up" classes in.

- add the correct number of "Make-Up" class passes to your student's account

Step 2:

Decide which classes your student will attend and let us know!

Ms. Lauren will:

Add your student to the class roster and let the teacher know to expect them!


In Hip-Hop 1 (or any other 1/2 level class)
- Open Level Acro
-Jazz 1/2
- Modern 1/2
- The next level UP in Hip-Hop

Trying a new dance style can be exciting and open up new possibilities to what your student might enjoy!  Going UP a level will be a big challenge and always something worth working towards.  Going DOWN a level will help your student "get back to basics" and learn detail they can bring back to their own class. 

Time-Line and Expiration Date:

If you've missed a class, you can attend a free make-up class within 1 month of the missed class.  Make-up classes/missed classes expire after 1 month's time.  IE - if you missed a class in October, don't use that to get a free Acro class in May!


Members of the Music In Motion Dance Company are REQUIRED to make-up all dance classes to maintain their level of training and commitment to their team and team members.

Dancers placed in upper level (level 5) dance classes are REQUIRED to make-up all dance classes as a commitment to their level placement and to show their willingness to continue to work as a Level 5/advanced dancer. 

This excludes illness and excessive homework. 

Hope this helps!  Call with Questions 757-340-1534.