New School Year, New Dance Season

Welcome to the "Dance Season."  If you are a parent that is brand new to your child's desire to join a dance class (and you thought she was a "tomboy" like you or he would never cross the threshold of a place with pink paint on the walls) we salute you.  Being a dance parent is a special breed, like "soccer mom" or "travel team."

But there's something different about Dance and Sports team's seasonal scheduling.  At Music In Motion, and most dance studios across the country, our dance classes span the entire school year from September-June.  Whereas swimming may be about 10 weeks in the winter, baseball 8 weeks in the spring and so on.  

Dance is a progressive education - learned through repetitive, and I mean REPETITIVE (I'll never NOT do a plie first thing in a ballet class, no matter how "good" I get at them) training over the season and over many years!  This is why dance education is often heralded as such an amazing growth & development process for kids from an early age and onwards: individual challenges and successes, accountability, confidence & creativity boosting galore!

But we also have to do the thing no one wants to do (shhhhhh) talk about money.  How are you paying for such a lengthy period of time?  Well here goes:

  • "Tuition" is the total amount that you will pay from September - June for however many hours of dance classes your student takes per week at Music In Motion.
  • We offer a 10 installment auto-pay option where our system will draft from your Credit Card, Debit or Bank Account automatically on the 1st of each of month September-June.
  • We also offer discounts of 5% when paying by check in full for September-December or January-June and 10% when paying in full by the year.

"But what about December when there are only 2 weeks of classes and Winter Break?"
The answer to this question is that your "monthly' payment is not for a certain number of classes each month - but an installment for a total number of classes throughout the year.

For example - we don't charge "extra" tuition on months like October, January and May which are months that have 5 weeks in 2017. 

"And what about June, when there is only 1 week of class before the June Show?"
The answer to this question is the same as above.  However, also consider that we also have a 4 hour in-studio rehearsal, a 6 hour Dress Rehearsal and 8 hours of show-time on Show Day where staff is paid to full supervise all students backstage along with warm-ups, entertainment, hair & make-up etc.  This additional time and the provided education about arts and stage experience is a part of the MIMDance philosophy that is included in your tuition. 

Parent's can LOG-IN to our online portal to view auto-pay contract details at anytime using your username and password.  The head to "account" and hit "view" under Auto-Pays. 

If you have any questions about your tuition or any other details or concerns - our door is always open!