A Journey to Recovery: Telling a Story with Dance, Part 1

I got the phone call 1 year ago just 1 week into my 1st week at the helm of Music In Motion.  Man, was I BUSY.  Navigating tuition, new clients, teaching dance classes again, not to mention running a brand new business and all of the administrative and ownership work that goes into that. 

"I'm with Beyond Boobs, a Breast Cancer Support Charity.  Every year we do a 'Dancing with the Stars' style event where we pair 1 of our survivors called "Boobers" with a professional dancer from a local dance studio and over 8 weeks of rehearsal you'll choreograph and create a dance to perform on stage at the "Starlets of Dance" event at the Sandler Center!  We just had an instructor drop-out and have an emergency, rehearsals start next week. Can you do it?"

I thought of my schedule, my commitments, my life....

Then I stopped thinking about me. 

I thought of the 2 women in my family who have been diagnosed with, suffered through treatments and are currently surviving breast cancer - my step-mother Caroline and aunt Diane.  I thought of the dancers and our Music In Motion community and how important it is for the dancers to see me, their teacher and mentoruse our my voice in dance as an advocate for those in the community.  But most importantly I had no idea how close I would become to my "Boober" as we rehearsed weekly for the main event and just how important each weekly rehearsal was to her confidence, her physical and mental health and well-being and the greater support of Beyond Boobs and Here for the Girls organizations.

"Absolutely, I'm in."

Here for the Girls (a funny pun on "the girls" being your breasts) we who are involved in this support group.  We're here and we're ready to do what it takes within our networks and our own lives to make this small difference even bigger. Starlets of Dance literally allows survivors to step out of their comfort zone LITERALLY.... Throughout the journey each Fall, starting with being chosen to perform all the way professional hair and make-up on Performance Day, the Starlets/Boobers are treated like stars.  In each rehearsal, I give careful consideration to Dee, my 2017 boober, that her journey and story is the focal point of the dance - I'm merely a back-up dancer and supporter.  This storyline will become clear when you see our dance LIVE on November 4th from 7-10 at the Sandler Center!  (Tickets HERE)

When you're fighting a disease that can take so much from you, it's liberating to be able to take your power back and showcase it on stage.  All while being funny, sassy, powerful and learning something new, realizing it's ok to be afraid of something not so scary, an everyday challenge you CAN overcome, boober's get that every day in rehearsal.  

We are T-Minus 3 weeks from the 2017 event - stay tuned for a few more installments about Dee's story and our dance coming up on November 4th and