Summer Dance Camp 2019 Launch!

Summer Dance Camps at Music in Motion are LIVE and open for registration! Learn more about our NEW and fun offerings in this video from Director, Ms. Lauren.

Enroll before Memorial Day to get 10% off!

THREE WEEKS are Live so Far. We are brainstorming on even more options, email your requests to

Ballerina Fairy Camp

Ages 3-4  |  June 24th - June 28th  |  9 am - 12 pm

Your tiny dancer will flutter along the pixie path through the Whimsical Woodlands Forest as a ballerina fairy in this twinkling ballet camp! On the way to the magical waltz, dancers will focus on ballet basics and creative movement as well as imaginative activities performed with the friends they meet on this enchanted journey! This fanciful camp is full of fairy dancing, forest friends, glittery crafts, and so much more!

Morning snacks are provided, students should bring a water bottle or additional snacks as needed.

Date:  Monday June 24th - Friday June 28th
Times: 9 am - 12 pm
Price: $275
Ages: 3-4
There will be a final "Show" for parents at 11:15 pm on Friday June 28th

Video Star Dance Camp

Ages 5-6 |  July 8th - July 9th  | 9 am - 1 pm

Ages 7-9 |  July 15th - July 19th  | 9 am - 1 pm

Grab your BFFs, and get ready to mix up your summer with our #dancecampREMIX! You will learn the coolest moves + grooves in this super fun Hip Hop, Jazz & Tumbling Camp! At #dancecampREMIX, young dancers will flex their creative muscles as they contribute to the artistic process of producing and starring in their own DANCE music video! In addition to TONS of DANCE MOVES, dancers will participate in fun activities related to style and wardrobe, props, makeup, choreography and, of course, performance! Our hip hop dance video stars should dress the part and wear their coolest, fresh + fun hip hop fashion as we will be filming swagtasticshots each day! P.S. Unicorns, Trolls, and Emojis will be involved!! #totesfun #letsdance

Morning Snack provided, students should bring a packed lunch as well. 

Times: 9 am - 1 pm
Price: $350
Ages: Session 1: 5-6 years old, Session 2: 7-9 years old

There will be a final Showcase for parents at 12:15 pm on the last Friday of Each Camp

What a Pain! Dancers and Foot Care

What a pain!  If you’ve ever googled “Ballerina Feet” you’d know that dancing can do a number on the toes and feet. From split soles, to ingrown nails to blisters and more, we dancers can suffer for our art and technique!

Avoiding Ingrowns:

The problem with ingrowns and toenails is that you are so tempted to keep cutting and cutting which only makes the pain worse. 

Properly cut toenails for a dancer.jpg
  • Keep the length of the toenail to the length of the nail bed (leave the "white tip" of the nail). 

  • Standard people (and nail salons) cut straight across, but dancers should round off the edges. 

  • I also recommend a little filing of the edges as well.  

  • Make sure your shoes fit and aren't squeezing your toes.  A few months before show time is a good time for new ballet shoes so they are pink and clean for the concert!  

If you already HAVE ingrowns use any kind of oil to soften the nail on the side for comfort:

  • coconut oil, vitamin e caplets, if you have nail/argan oils, vaseline, you don't have to buy anything - one time in a desperate moment, I used table butter!

  • In Ballet, Tendu Back  when your foot is turned out and resting on the side of the toe is the worst! Dancers should keep squeezing their leg muscles and not "rest" the foot on the ground in any floor position so that the pressure and weight of the body is not pressing on the painful toe.  This will make you stronger in the end! 

Keeping your toenails trim will protect your fellow dancers as well.

Cracked and Dry Feet:

In the salon, I NEVER get my feet “shaved” or smoothed. You can hear any dancer say “Please, save my callouses, I’m a dancer!” At Music in Motion Dance Studio in Virginia, we offer lyrical 1 for students aged 7 and 8, and modern 2 for students aged 9 and 10 and the levels of modern dance go up to advanced contemporary. We are a classical studio and do not use turners, lyrical shoes, shoes etc. in our barefeet classes such as Modern.

Over time, as a dancer works bare foot on the floor (much like your “summer feet” playing in flip-flops and barefoot being much more sturdy!) tougher skin and callouses will develop that will allow for smoother turning, sliding and movement across the floor. This is something to be proud of!

However OVERLY dry feet will cause painful cracks. Use an emollient based lotion (not water based) such as shea or stronger strength eucerin and aquaphor at night to “soak” into your feet to keep them pliable. If you currently have a crack, wearing socks or shoes to class and using liquid bandaid are very helpful.

To recover from a long day of dancing - I use and recommend Apolla Shocks. These are specially designed dance socks with grip on the bottom that are compression based. The compression in the foot, ankle and shin support the foot and ankle while dancing AND if worn afterwards will increase bloodflow and lymph movement to keep shin splints and other pains at bay!

Costume Release 2019 End Of Season Concert

Over the next 3 months (January-April), costumes for the Music in Motion Dance Studios End of Season Concert in June will be released to families.

Included with your costumes:

  • Garment Bag

  • Hangers

  • Costume

  • All tights needed for each costume

  • Various Accessories for each costume including: hairpieces, chokers, gloves, hats etc.

  • Costume Check List Information Sheet

Please note - there is a back zipper on most costume bags where tights and accessories are stored.

NOT Included with your Costume:

  • Required shoe and color for each class

  • Undergarments (other than tights, such as nude leotard, or nude bra)

  • Make-Up

  • Hair-Do Items

Releasing costumes is ALWAYS an exciting time. The students get excited about their progress in class, their performance and how hard they work and how great they will look on stage. We are doing this EARLIER this year, so we can get back to normal class time; teaching the discipline and skills necessary for a safe and fun dance class!


Complete this tips IMMEDIATELY, so that you are not overwhelmed later by the tasks necessary to get ready for show day.

  • Label each costume on the tag with your students full name.

  • Try on each costume and check for holes, missing pieces (falling pieces can be easily re-attached with a hot glue gun) or the need to contact a seamstress to adjust straps. Damaged costumes must be returned for a replacement ASAP, they cannot be replaced after February 28th. Minor alterations are the responsibility of the family.

  • Remove your tights from the packaging and try them on. Replace them into Quart-Size Zip Lock Bags with your name on the bag and in the tights. THESE ARE NOT TO BE WORN IN CLASS BUT IN PERFORMANCE ONLY. You can use them in class AFTER the show.

  • Remove your hair-pieces and accessories from packaging and replace them into sandwich zip bags with your name on them.

  • Ensure you have the proper undergarments:

    • We recommend that students under age 10 that have multiple classes purchase a Nude Leotard to make changing backstage quick and modest. Purchase one from our Recital Store HERE

    • We recommend that students in multiple classes LAYER tights for easy changes. STIRRUP tights (go over the arch of the foot) are for Modern and Acro. CONVERTIBLE tights (go over the whole foot with a little hole) are for Tap and Jazz and Combo Classes. IE: Wear stirrup tights for Acro UNDER your Convertible tights for Jazz so you can just peel them off!

    • Tights are a dancers underwear. Like “long-underwear” Dancers should not wear panties underneath of their tights with their costumes. This reduces bulky and unsightly lines.

    • Ensure you have the proper shoes for each class. Make sure they are clean with no holes, rips. Purchase new shoes HERE. Dress Code HERE

Concert Dates and Times:

Hackney Theater at Norfolk Collegiate School

Dress Rehearsal: Sunday June 2nd starting at 1 pm - mandatory

Show Day: Saturday June 8th Show Times 3 pm and 6:30 pm

Information regarding show designation per class and arrival and pick-up times will be released after Spring Break.

Get your Ticket Package NOW at the Lowest Early Bird Rate!

  • Show DVD

  • Recital T-Shirt (students spend the last week of class signing T-Shirts like a yearbook!)

  • 2 Adult Tickets

  • $65 - BUY NOW before prices go up on May 1st

Halloween Costumes in Class + Dance Class Costume Ordering Time!!

Hi Families! June is very far away (a little too far if you as me, a summer baby) but because costume houses take 5-7 months to fulfill orders it’s time to process costume orders for our end of season performance!

This performance is the culmination of our season and a great time to reflect on the progress of each student and the success of each class throughout the year as we look onwards to the next! We just love teaching students not only about DANCE but about performance, confidence, responsibility and THEY love hanging with friends backstage. Such a special time for memories!

So, some important dates. This info was emailed in a newsletter a few weeks ago (make sure you read correspondence from us!) and also sent home in print from the classroom with your student (check their dance bags!)

Invoices: Emailed on or by Friday 11/2

Auto-Charge: Friday 11/16

Checks: Due by Thursday 11/15 ($10 late fee)

Delivery: April/May 2019

Includes: Tights, Accessories, Hair Accessories, Garment Bag, Hangers

Does Not Include: Shoes, Make-Up, Undergarments


CALL: 757-340-1534 if you have any questions!

What's in your bag? Dance Class Edition

School has started, classes and subjects are new. You’re trying a different dance style this season (different shoes!?) but you’re also giving art lessons and swimming a try too!

Let those awesome parent time & object management skills trickle down to your kids and help them organize a “Dance Bag” so no matter if the bus is late, you’ve removed one stress inducing obstacle for your student’s psyche and set them up for success!

Let’s start with the number 1 tenet of Dance Bag Items


This doesn’t need any further explanation. Just do it! I’m talking BOTH Right and Left Shoes, the tags of the tights and the dance sweaters, DEFINITELY THE WATER BOTTLE.

Dance Bag Essentials:

  • Pack of Hair Ties

  • Pack of Bobby Pins (we recommend the longer pins for better hold)

  • Brush

  • Headbands to hold back wispies or for girls with shorter haircuts.

  • Deoderant

  • Baby Powder - to put in shoes to help them slip on and off easier and to reduce sweat and smell.

  • Extra tights (we sell them at MIM for $8). Because you forgot about that HUGE HOLE or RUN.

  • All of your dance shoes. We use TAN Jazz Shoes and TAN Tap shoes!

  • Sweater or pull-over for colder days. No baggy sweatshirts or hoodies. We allow a cover-up for the first few warm-up exercises.

  • Dance Shorts - to pull over leotard & tights for jazz, acro & modern classes.

  • Snacks: granola bars, crackers etc. We are a nut-free studio!

  • Water Bottle

  • “Personal Items” kit: including;

    • Advil/Ibuprofen as needed or allowed by parents

    • Allergy medicine as needed or allowed by parents

    • tampons & pads

    • Contact solution

    • bandaids

    • chapstick

    • Anything else you may need to feel comfortable!

Last but not least, every now and then we will release important printed materials to go home with your student! So, check the dance bag for paperwork every now and then relating to the dance studio.

Am I In the Right Class?

Jazz Trio 3.JPG

A new dance year has started and it is the first class. Dancing is very personal, it involves your whole body and your emotions too, so imagine for your young student, it’s easy to feel uncomfortable fast. There’s a new teacher, and new kids in the class too! Dance class is slow to start, the teacher starts to learn names, asks about goals for the year and teaches review steps to assess the skill & knowledge of the class.

Your student comes home from the first class and has a few reactions:
1. The other kids are younger than me.
2. I think I should be in the older/more advanced class.
3. I don’t think I liked that teacher/this dance style.

You as a parent may have some of the same questions yourself! You probably didn’t dance growing up but you know that your child wants to and you want to support that drive. The learning curve for being a “Dance Parent” is not too steep!

“Level Up Challenge”

level up.png

Step 1: Set a reasonable commitment expectation for your child.
Everyone knows the adage ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Don’t judge the content or quality of a class experience by the first class. Give each class AT LEAST 1 month (4 weeks) or more to allow the students, teacher, and class content to “gel.” Engage your student in a process to understand what they may like or dislike about a class before withdrawing. This will teach reasonable instead of reactionary (read: instant gratification) attitudes.

Step 2: Step up to the Challenge

Every year in school, students of the same peer group change grades. In dance classes at Music In Motion, we have students of 2 age groups in 1 level at a time and students will stay in 1 level for 2 years.
This means it is likely that at some point your child will be the “older” student in class. Step up to the role. Teachers in each classroom teach to the highest level, and it is the job of the new students to grow to the higher level over the year. Students in the second year are asked to:

Jazz Class ATF.JPG
  • Step to the front of the classroom

  • Demonstrate steps

  • Go across the floor first

  • Placed in the front of routines

All while MORE is being asked of them exactly because they are older and more experienced than the younger students in their level. What a place and a time to grow! Tell your child to enjoy this experience now, instead of being “the young kid” in class too early…

Step 3: Ask yourself if you really want a teenager already!
Age vs ability is an old as time argument in ‘The Dance World’ and levelling students. In our nearly 40 years as a dance training center, grouping students into appropriate age groups has always been successful. Children in 1.5-2 year age groups (such as 9-10 & 7-8) share experiences together:

Livi Leap.JPG
  • Know each other or their siblings in school (friendship matters)

  • Parent’s & neighbors know each other (community & carpools matter)

  • Maturity and energy levels align (think chattiness vs focus in the classroom)

  • Growth spurts & body maturity align.

Possibly the most important point when it comes to dance technique is the maturity of the body, when and at what age students begin to develop muscle tone and brain development for understanding more complex rhythms and patterns in dance. There ARE specific age markers for many things vital as a dancer that we as adults take for granted (example '“Cross-Body” movements are difficult to process even up to age 9!)

Your child likely wants to “move-up” so they can hang with the older kids, not because the content of the class was too easy (it’s not!) or the other kids were too young (they are within months of each other in age!).

Moving students into the next level before they are ready is more of a disservice than a reward. They are constantly the youngest student in class, having to play “catch-up” to the more experienced students, all while missing out and lacking the proper and safe technique that is learned in an appropriate progression through classes and ages at the studio.

Let’s step back and let kids be kids at the right age & level.

Step 4: Set Goals

I am SO PROUD of all of the students at Music In Motion and how hungry they are for more dance, more challenging moves and WE ARE HERE FOR IT!

So, let’s set some goals….

From a personal & emotional level:

  • You want your child to stimulate their creative side and develop self-expression

  • You want them to to build their self-esteem and to feel "at-home" in their body

  • Most importantly, you want your child to be engaged in an activity that is healthy and very, very FUN!

  • You want your child to develop a life-long appreciation for music, dance and the arts

From a technical & physical standpoint:

  • You want your child to develop coordination, grace & physical fitness

  • Safety first; you want your child to learn the “right way” of doing things so that they can avoid injury and pain from overuse and overstretching.

Ask your child about specific “Dance Moves,” we encourage practice at home!

  • In Jazz - get a double pirouette by Spring Break (that’s a turn!)

  • In Ballet - Improve my stamina in Petite Allegro (small jumps) - straighter legs and higher off the ground in Jete (BIG JUMP) by Winter Break.

  • In Modern/Contemporary - Memorize combinations faster.

  • In Acro - pick a “skill/trick” and master it for the June Show!

If you child can show us this determination, I’m certain that we will be moving them up to the next level next season!

Jazz Class with Teachers.JPG

Inclement Weather Policy

A silver lining around some stormy clouds is that we get to effectively review our inclement weather policy right at the beginning of the year!

Inclement Weather Policy.jpg

Music In Motion's Inclement Weather Policy

We will post announcements in THREE Places:

Click Here to Add the Music In Motion STUDIO BAND to your Phone

The Policy:
We will follow the recommendation of the Virginia Beach City Public schools closings during inclement weather conditions.  However, if the weather is FAIR and our teachers agree to safe driving conditions, Music In Motion will OPEN even when VBCPS is closed on occasion. 

Absences are excused and classes are not mandatory, please exercise your personal caution when choosing to attend classes or not. Please contact us at if you wish to schedule a make-up class. 

Our aim is typically to get kids out of the house and moving and to give the parent's a break! 2 such examples of this are TODAY, Tuesday 9/11 when students were out of school but it is a beautiful sunny da = classes are ON! And Winter Storm January 2018 when school cancellations went on FOREVER, we opened as soon as we were able and could dig out!


Check facebook, website or Band app for announcements on class updates, time changes and more. 

Days When MIM IS OPEN and VBCPS is closed.
Monday October 8th - Professional Learning Day
Tuesday, November 6th - Election Day
Monday November 12th - Veterans Day
Monday January 21st - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday January 28th - Staff Day
Monday February 18th - Presidents Day
Friday March 29th - Staff Day

We Close for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break and Memorial Day ONLY