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Sample Rental Agreement

MIM will provide:

●      Access to parking, public areas, studio space, ballet barres, restroom, mats and entryway.

●      Sound System

●      Parking


●      No Food or drink other than water anywhere in the Music In Motion Dancing Spaces/Studios. 
Any Food/Drink consumed in the Lobby must be thrown out and that trash must be bagged and taken WITH you upon leaving.
Approval/Exception ____   Will Take out Trash ____

●      No street shoes on the studio unless approved.
Street Shoes/Attire Approved ____ Agree to Clean Shoes/Wear Booties ______

●      Approved props allowed only - no chairs, canes etc. or tap shoes on floors.
Tables/Chairs Required: ______  Will Retrieve from Shed _____ Will Return from Shed ______

●      All trash must be removed from studio upon leaving.

Additional Restrictions:

Hours of availability are based on studio availability.  All renters must commit to agreed studio rental times and make every effort to maintain set times without excessive changes or last minute updates.  At the same time all renters & studio will be flexible as able in adjusting times based on availability and needs.

  • MIM reserves the right to revoke rental agreement, time slots for preferred revenue generating endeavors.

  • MIM reserves the right to revoke rental agreement for complaints from neighbors of noise, large gatherings.  Renters must respect neighborhood and keep noise level low inside the studio and non-existent in parking/side lots.

  • MIM reserves the right to deny rental agreement to any endeavor not approved or in conjunction with MIM message, programming and branding goals.

Other Requirements:

  • Prior to leaving, studio floor/s that was used must be quick mopped with provided red spray sweeper in each studio.

  • Close & Bag Trash as needed upon completion.  Remove & take with you any food trash.

  • Proper opening procedure: lights on only in studio/spaces used, turned off at all other times.  AC not to go below 69.  Heat not to go above 72.

  • Proper Closing Procedure: ensure back door is locked, all thermostats set to off in back room or appropriate temperature, Front thermostat stays ON timer. All windows closed and locked, all lights turned off, studios & areas returned to initial appearance prior to rental, lock front door.

  • All participants in physical activities must complete a liability waiver.

  • All incidents, injuries, accidents involving people, participants, guests and/or objects, items, building structure must be reported to Owner, Lauren Kelly, immediately.

Insurance Coverage:

The renter is solely responsible for carrying her/his own liability and medical insurance.

Damages and Losses:

The Renter is solely responsible for any and all damages and/or property losses that occur to Music In Motion/Dance Directions Inc during the renters use of the space and agrees to pay for any repairs and/or property losses to said premises if they should occur.

Cancellation of Reserved Time:

Late Cancellation Fee of the agreed hourly payment per hour cancelled applies for all reserved times.  Late cancellation is considered within 48 hours of scheduled time slot.  Additional hours may be added at any time with the approval of Lauren Kelly.  Changes to schedule may be made with 5 days notice – otherwise a $10 per change charge will apply. 

Release of Liability:

The Contractor is solely responsible for all participants in her/his activities, waives all rights and releases all claims that might be had against Music In Motion, its hired or contracted instructors, and their employees and agents, for any and all injuries or losses which may be suffered because of participation in any and all activities with and/or in Music In Motion, in consideration of Music in Motion for permission to participate in said activities.   Every person entering the studio space must sign a waiver of liability form acknowledging that Music In Motion is not responsible for any activities led by Contractor. These waivers are on the file cabinet in the office. You may stack these on the desk when finished.