Recital Day Details

Saturday June 8th

Recital Day!

To take place at the Theater:

Hackney Theater Norfolk Collegiate
7336 Granby St.Norfolk, VA 23505



Arrival: 1:30 pm
Arrival for Discover Dance and Tumble/Ballet/Tap Students: 2:15 pm
Doors to Theater Open: 2:30 pm
Show Starts: 3:00 pm

Arrival: 5:00 pm
Doors to Theater Open: 6:00 pm
Show Starts: 6:30 pm

Please note that all students have a “call-time” that is 90 minutes prior to show start time. This is to ensure that all students are checked in, rehearsed on stage if needed and properly dressed and prepared for the concert.

We recommend that ONE family member bring or drop-off a student, with the rest of the family coming at DOORS 30 minutes prior to show so there is little wait time.

Merchandise and Concessions (including wine & beer) will be available in the lobby.

Show Day Procedure -

Sign In and Sign Out

Matinee/Show A Student Sign In:
Right side of Lobby by double Gallery Doors past concessions
Students will be signed in and sent to their assigned dressing rooms.

Evening/Show B Student Sign In:
Left side of Lobby in Hallway past bathrooms.
Students will be signed in and sent to their assigned dressing rooms.

Please Note:

All students MUST enter through the lobby to be signed in properly. No students may exit via the back-parking lot dressing room doors.

Only Music In Motion Dance Studio staff and registered parent helpers are permitted backstage. We are unable to run messages or food to students, so please make sure they have everything before they come backstage for rehearsal and the concert.

Parents of students 6 and under are allowed backstage to get their children settled for about 15 minutes.

Please try not to bring anything valuable, especially electronic devices. Mobile phones should not to be taken backstage or in the changing areas during the concert. Our studio and the venue will take no responsibility if an item is damaged, misplaced, lost or stolen.

If your child has any Medical Conditions that may require attention while in our care or are carrying any medication with them, please notify our supervisors.

Sign-Out Procedure:

All students will be sent to the STAGE in order to be signed out once their items and backstage area is cleared.

  1. All parents/families will be cleared from the Auditorium.

  2. Once the auditorium is clear, please send in ONE representative from your family to collect your student.

  3. Students will gather on stage and we will use a microphone to announce names and check-off for you to pick-up your student.

What To Expect


  • Bring along all students costumes, undergarments (tights), shoes, hair and makeup items for the concert. This includes hairspray, bobby pins, bun pins, hairnets, stockings, socks, hair ties and safety pins. THIS IS A FULL COSTUME & HAIR (no make-up) REHEARSAL.

  • Students will be signed into the venue upon arrival by their responsible parent or guardian and will be supervised through the duration of rehearsal.

  • All costume and clothing items must be clearly labelled, and children are asked to bring several healthy snacks with a bottle of water. Our staff and volunteers will ensure that children are reminded to drink water regularly and eat their snacks at the allocated time.


  • Private videography and photography is strictly prohibited as we will have professionals attending on the day to provide these services for us, leaving y

  • For our youngest audience members, consider our dancers and audience, and if they begin to disturb any other audience members, please take them outside to let off a bit of steam before returning to enjoy the rest of the show. 

  • NO STUDENT is allowed to be picked up at Intermission without prior consent from the studio. All parents/families must wait until the end of each show your child is in to pick up your child. This is to ensure a quality audience for ALL students and to reduce disruptions during the concert.

  • Students with permission to be picked will be: Discover Dance Class, Tumble Ballet Tap class, Students who are in TWO shows (for which a backstage dinner will be provided as well.)


Congratulations! We are so proud of all our dancers and families for completing another year full of learning, fun and friends. Show Day is a special day, so bring flowers or plan a special dinner afterwards.

Music in Motion will have our Banner and Red-Carpet set-up for Photo Ops as well and don’t forget to visit the Merch Table to order your class photos, DVD’s and studio Logo Wear OR you can pre-order HERE