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If you are interested in improving your flexibility and range of motion, recovering from or preventing injury, training your balance and reducing your risk of falling or improving your performance in athletics or the arts, customized LKMoves Pilates Therapy sessions are for you!

We offer a variety of pricing options and specials for our clients including in-studio, in-home and in-office training, group workshops, corporate fitness & special events.  Call us for more details!

Duet Private Reformer Sessions

Now introducing Duet Sessions, You + 1 Friend on the spring-loaded Pilates reformer.  For a fun, innovative full-body session that takes from laying, sitting, kneeling, standing and everything in between utilizing state of the art equipment. 

Pilates Reformer Duet Session

DUET SESSIONS                         PRICING (per person)

3-55 Minute Sessions                  $85 save $25
Intro Pack only

5-55 Minute Sessions                   $160 save $55

Single Session: $38


PRIVATE SESSIONS                    PRICING                      

5-55 Minute Privates                    $275 save $50
 Military Mondays & Seniors        $245 save $80

1-55 Minute Private                       $65   

3-30 Minute Privates                    $80 save $10
Intro Pack Only

5-30 Minute Privates                    $125 save $25