Parent Primer

How we share dance with your child:

As a parent, you invest in dance classes for your student hoping to give them an experience that will enrich their lives on many levels.

  • You want your child to develop coordination, grace & physical fitness

  • You want your child to stimulate their creative side and develop self-expression

  • You want them to to build their self-esteem and to feel "at-home" in their body

  • You want your child to develop a life-long appreciation for music, dance and the arts

  • Most importantly, you want your child to be engaged in an activity that is healthy and very, very FUN!

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At Music in Motion, we strive to make these lessons the the core of each of our classes!

Respecting Dance:

From the moment a dancer first steps into the studio to the moment we take them to the stage, we teach them to honor and respect dance and the arts.  To achieve this we ask that dancers & parents follow the appropriate etiquette and self-discipline in the dance studio and beyond.

In the classroom

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  • Listening and following directions is the first step towards learning

  • Students are expected to participate in all activities and not wander around the classroom or distract others

  • Learning about dance is not about "discipline" but about "self-discipline" - learning how to excel to the best of your abilities.

  • The only person you can be "better than" in a dance classroom is the person you were last week

  • We are firm about focus in the classroom because we believe together, students & teachers create an atmosphere where creativity can bloom.

Open Door Policy: If you or your student ever has feedback about Music In Motion classes, classroom environment or teaching methods, please reach out so we can address it immediately.  It is our commitment to the community that MIMDance is a safe space for students to grow and learn!

Before & After Class

  • Students are expected to arrive on time and dressed for class. It is up to the parents to help us with this.

  • Students are also expected to have a proper appearance outside of class by wearing street clothes over dance attire to and from class.

  • Teachers are not responsible for students before or after classes. Please ensure that your student arrives on time and is picked up after class promptly.

  • Students are not allowed to wait outside for rides and students must enter the building immediately upon arrival.

  • No food, drinks or chewing gum is allowed in the practice rooms or dressing rooms. Approved, dry snacks only are allowed in waiting rooms (trail mix, granola bars etc.)

  • Water is the only beverage allowed into the practice rooms. All dance bags should be left in the dressing room during classes.

Uninterrupted Class-Time

For all dancers there is a time to perform and a time to be self absorbed.  Classes are closed to visitors and parents are asked to wait outside the classroom.  This policy allos the children to take risks with movement, to focus in their feelings and to perform for themselves, not for others. Concentration, focus and understanding is easier for students when the class can proceed without interruption.

  • Parents are welcome to stay in the waiting room during their students classes or to join us for one of our Movement Studio fitness classes. All conversation must be kept low.

  • If you have a special circumstance or need for discussion, please contact us, we would love to chat further with you as each student and family has individual needs and concerns.

  • We DO offer observation times, studio performances and open houses scheduled throughout the year! Please be sure you are on our newsletter distribution list, like us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for updates.

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Tuition & Attendance

  • Tuition is due in full on the first day of every month and late by the 10th of the month.

  • There are not reductions in installment pricing for classes missed. Make-up classes are encouraged and will be allowed within one month of the time the classes are missed.

  • Each student averages 4 lessons per class per month. There is no additional charge for 5 class months, nor is there a reduction for holidays.

  • There is a $10 late fee for all tuition that is accepted by check 10 or more days after the 1st of the month and a $25 service fee for late, failed credit card or ACH Auto-Pay transactions.

  • There is a $20 registration fee for all NEW students that is automatically added to the first month's tuition.

  • The registration fee is waived for all RETURNING students who register before August 1st, 2017. All registrations after August 1st are subject to the $20 registration fee added automatically to the 1st month's tuition.

Participation & Registration Waiver

I agree to abide by the rules and the regulations of the Academy.  I guarantee the attendance of the student and the monthly payment of tuition on the first of each month.  

I hereby assume responsibility for and risk of damage or injury that may occur to me or the student for whom I am responsible as a participant of Music in Motion Dance Academy (Dance Directions Inc./MIM) & Fitness Boutique and instructors (IN) while touring the facilities, taking class, participating in exercise or using it's equipment, facilities or following its course of instructions in or out of the studio. To my knowledge, there is no medical reason why this student should not participate in the program.  Myself and/or my charge will participate at his/her own risk and I hereby release and discharge MIM, all of its associates, owners and agents from all claims, demands, rights or causes of action present and future from responsibility for any loss, claim or injury as a result of his/her participation. I have read, understand and sign the foregoing assumption of risk agreement and release.