The Music in Motion Story

We strive to enhance our community's health, happiness and quality of life through student education in every class. Music in Motion Dance Studio was founded on the goal of providing access to quality dance classes in a positive environment that are fun and meaningful to the people in our community.  Our aim is to establish a standard of dance education that encourages excitement and progress in achieving your child's goals. 

A new generation. Music in Motion Dance Studio founder, Darlene Davenport, and her daughter, Artistic Director and current owner, Lauren Kelly.

Owner Lauren Kelly started her dance career at Music in Motion Dance Studio in 1989 at the age of 3  under the instruction of her mother and Studio founder, Darlene Davenport. After dancing side by side with her mother for 15 years, Lauren graduated with a degree in Dance Performance & Choreography from a top tier conservatory of the arts. She went on to dance and work professionally as a Pilates instructor in Philadelphia for 10 years. Lauren returned home in June of 2016 to step into her mother's *jazz* shoes at the helm of the Music in Motion Dance Studio.

We celebrate movement & creativity. 

"Lauren is doing an amazing job of carrying on in your footsteps, Darlene! My girls all love her, and have had a great year at dance. The performance last night was beautiful! I cried off all my makeup! Allison was very honored to be asked to help take tickets! Looking forward to the fall, and more awesome dance next year!"
- A proud parent of 3 students at Music in Motion Dance Studio.


Since inception in 1986, Music in Motion Dance Studio has been an education-oriented dance school.  Caring instructors place an emphasis on development of skills and proper training.  We provide a positive teaching approach to all levels and capabilities. Our talented mentors create programming that builds self expression, creativity & confidence.

A home away from home, Music in Motion Dance Academy.

A home away from home, Music in Motion Dance Academy.