Dress Rehearsal Details

Sunday June 2nd

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal

To take place at the Theater:

Hackney Theater Norfolk Collegiate
7336 Granby St.Norfolk, VA 23505



Arrival: 1 pm
Blocking: 1:15-2:15 pm
Dress Rehearsal 2:30-4 pm

Arrival: 3:30 pm
Blocking: 4:15-5:45 pm
Dress Rehearsal: 6-8 pm

ALL times for Dress Rehearsal are ESTIMATED.  This is a technical rehearsal where many factors such as lights, crew, sound, and system efficiencies are being worked on.  Students may call/text home to be picked up as soon as they are done dancing.

Parents are welcome to stay in the theater to watch/wait during the dress rehearsal.  Regular announcements will be made throughout the evening as to our progress.


Matinee/Show A Student Sign In: Right side of Lobby by double Gallery Doors past concessions

Evening/Show B Student Sign In: Left side of Lobby in Hallway past bathrooms.

All students MUST enter through the lobby to be signed in properly. No students may exit via the back-parking lot dressing room doors.


  • “Blocking” Means that all students walk onto the stage to practice formations in the new space. This is typically done in DANCE CLOTHES (for ease of movement) and students change into 1st costume after blocking is done.

  • Students should arrive for Dress Rehearsal with HAIR DONE in DANCE CLOTHES and costume packed. We will change students into costume after blocking.

  • Make-Up is not necessary during Dress Rehearsal.

What To Expect

  • Bring along all students costumes, undergarments (tights), shoes, hair and makeup items for the concert. This includes hairspray, bobby pins, bun pins, hairnets, stockings, socks, hair ties and safety pins. THIS IS A FULL COSTUME & HAIR (no make-up) REHEARSAL.

  • Students will be signed into the venue upon arrival by their responsible parent or guardian and will be supervised through the duration of rehearsal.

  • All costume and clothing items must be clearly labelled, and children are asked to bring several healthy snacks with a bottle of water. Our staff and volunteers will ensure that children are reminded to drink water regularly and eat their snacks at the allocated time.

  • All Students may call/text home to be picked up as soon as they are done dancing in their piece in the dress rehearsal. Please note however, that during the actual performance day (June 8th), you must wait until the completion of the concert to pick up your dancer so as not to disturb fellow audience members.

  • Parents are welcome to stay in the theatre to watch/wait during the dress rehearsal. Regular announcements will be made throughout the evening as to our progress.

  • Parents and staff members who are volunteering to help at the concert will also need to be available for Dress Rehearsal day to ensure they understand their roles and can see how everything will be run on show.