Dress Code

At Music in Motion Dance Studio, we believe in the discipline, respect and wonder that a quality dance education can bring into a young child's life.  It may be tempting to dress your student in sparkly tutus, but we enforce a dress code, here's why:

  • Teacher's need to see alignment in order to see mistakes. Baggy clothing can mask bad habits making corrections impossible. Tights are worn for modesty's sake and to protect dancers from the floor. Pink and tan tights help to make the lines of the legs visible.

  • Dress code creates unity among the dancers, instead of allowing some dancers to stand out.

  • "Dressing the part" helps dancers to perform at their best and improves overall focus & energy.

  • Hair neatly back, no jewelry, headbands, skirts, tutu's, sparkly T-shirts etc. reduces distractions in students and keeps the classroom unified.

View our full dress code here and continue reading below to learn how you can get dance-wear for your child. Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to create an open and respectful learning environment
free from distraction.



Three Easy Ways to Get Dance-Wear for Class!

  1. Visit Music In Motion’s IN STUDIO Store! In-Stock styles as well as expert shoe sizing and custom orders that can be shipped to the studio for pick-up.

2. Visit Music in Motion’s ONLINE Store! Quality Dance Wear organized by Class Type and shipped directly to you.

3. Visit a Local Dance-Wear Store. Check the locations out HERE

Don’t forget to show your studio pride by picking up studio logo-wear! All logo wear follows dress code and can be worn in class!