A variety of classes to choose from. 

Get ready for a phenomenal workout experience that's smart, creative and fun!  

LKMoves classes will both inspire and educate you because we believe that the background of anatomy & kinesiology is VITAL to building a workout that is most beneficial to YOU, our clients. Whether you need personalized modifications or extra-challenging variations, each class from Barre to Fusion to Pilates will give you results you want and the freedom you need to succeed and feel great!

Pilates Classes

Classical Pilates classes with a Contemporary twist incorporate weights, mat work and resistance to strengthen & lengthen.  LKMoves signature classes offer insight and elevate the standard mat class to one that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!  We welcome all ages & abilities in EVERY progress based class and our instructors are fluent and comfortable in working with beginner to advanced students.

Pilates Strength & Stability. This contemporary style Fusion Class is geared towards strength & stability and is especially useful for students who like to jog, cycle, dance and live an active lifestyle.  We'll be working from head to toe through all major muscle groups for the optimum toning, core connection and stretch you need to get through your daily and weekend activities with confidence and ease.

Fusion Flow Pilates. Our signature Pilates Mat class focusing on flow, transitions and full body engagement. This class is open to all levels and will incorporate the use of props to add challenge, resistance and modifications to each of the exercises. Be prepared to strengthen and tone the core, glutes, thighs & shoulders in a fun & effective workout! 

Pilates Stretch & Restore. The perfect complement to our active fusion & barre classes, a restorative class for those who are interested in a safe, feel good workout experience that includes flexibility, range of motion, gentle strengthening and attention to their bodies. Perfect for all ages, pre/post-natal clients, clients who are returning to health from an injury or illness, and anyone looking for stress relief after a busy day!

Fusion Fitness

We want long, lean muscles and to achieve a sculpted physique and we want the most effective way to do it. Fusing a variety of different styles from cardio HIIT to Pilates to personal training - you'll use bands, free-weights, resistance props and balls to bend, twist and challenge your muscles in a new way! 

Abs, Arms & Ass. This class has a clear focus: work on the "triple threat" and create an intense burn that you will feel the next day. Make sure you bring your "A Game!"  Abs, Arms, Ass is a challenging class but is taught in a way that welcomes all fitness levels and abilities!

Back Body Burn. Triceps, Back and Butt: for all those areas you can't see but want to be toned and trim.  A workout that creates intense focus on the areas you want worked and no excuse to miss.

Cardio Pilates Sculpt. Yoga Sculpt classes have taken the major cities by storm - but why do Yogi's get to have all the fun?  In this Fusion Sculpting class we'll move through cardio, strength, yoga flow, abs, arms & butt series' while using the Pilates principles of Core, Strength, Stretch & Stability.  We guarantee you'll leave feeling stronger & taller.

Barre Classes

LKMoves Barre technique is a unique blend of exercise choreography infused with ballet, modern and contemporary fitness training.  Each class is packed with high intensity and slow burn inspired by our very own Music in Motion dancers and their busy, yet health conscious families

Barre Burn. Savor the burn and find your edge. Explore a full body burn while challenging your stamina and sculpting your body/mind.  This all levels class is invigorating while using the ballet barre, weights, and balls designed to work each muscle group from top to bottom.

High Strung. This Barre class inspired by San Francisco & Philly features real resistance and full body movements with the Slastix bands that apply to all directions of movement.  Join us for creative & fresh new moves week after week that will bring new challenges, accomplishments and results!