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To enhance your Music In Motion end of season concert experience, we are offering a few upgrades this year for you to take advantage of.  Many of these services do double duty as dancer gifts and useful experiences, taking the pressure off parent preparation!

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Family Program Messages

As a student, my Mom & Dad saved EVERY program from every event I was in, from school plays to dance shows (and even dried roses).  I ceremoniously received these items in a box after "parent clean-out" and love looking through the memories!  As a professional dancer, I was trained to keep programs of people I'd  worked with and performanced I'd completed to add to my resume and CV!

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3 Lines of Text on our “Message Page”  $15
¼ Page Ad: $40
½ Page Ad: $50
Full Page Ads available to families only: $80

**All ad materials must be submitted in JPG format by May 25th, 2018

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Business Advertisement
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Reach 2 separate audiences with 2 separate shows and family members and friends across the city and neighbourhood.  Our performance on Saturday June 9th, 2018 at the Hackney Theatre in Norfolk will be attended by a captive audience who already know the importance of family, community and patronizing local businesses and services. 

**All ad materials must be submitted in JPG format by May 25th, 2018

¼ Page Ad: $45
½  Page Ad: $60
Full Page Ad: $100
Inside Back Cover or Back Cover: $200

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All ads are due in JPG form to by May 10th 2018.