Make-Up Classes

Has your student missed a dance class at Music In Motion because they were sick, too much homework or a conflict with an outside activity?  Here's how to claim your MAKE-UP classes at Music In Motion. 

Step 1:


Ms. Lauren will:
- Look-up how many class absences your student has

-Make suggestions on appropriate alternate classes to "make-up" classes in.

- add the correct number of "Make-Up" class passes to your student's account

Step 2:

Decide which classes your student will attend and let us know!

Ms. Lauren will:

Add your student to the class roster and let the teacher know to expect them!


In Hip-Hop 1 (or any other 1/2 level class)
- Open Level Acro
-Jazz 1/2
- Modern 1/2
- The next level UP in Hip-Hop

Trying a new dance style can be exciting and open up new possibilities to what your student might enjoy!  Going UP a level will be a big challenge and always something worth working towards.  Going DOWN a level will help your student "get back to basics" and learn detail they can bring back to their own class. 

Time-Line and Expiration Date:

If you've missed a class, you can attend a free make-up class within 1 month of the missed class.  Make-up classes/missed classes expire after 1 month's time.  IE - if you missed a class in October, don't use that to get a free Acro class in May!


Members of the Music In Motion Dance Company are REQUIRED to make-up all dance classes to maintain their level of training and commitment to their team and team members.

Dancers placed in upper level (level 5) dance classes are REQUIRED to make-up all dance classes as a commitment to their level placement and to show their willingness to continue to work as a Level 5/advanced dancer. 

This excludes illness and excessive homework. 

Hope this helps!  Call with Questions 757-340-1534.

So, About this June Show....

In Virginia Beach, October and November can still feel a lot like Spring-Time.  And yet, June is still a long 9 months away!  With a dance season only going the length of the school year, why are we talking about the "June Show" already, requiring costume deposits so early (December 1st by the way!) and what is the "June Show" anyways?

We are a family friendly, easygoing and fun-loving atmosphere, but at Music In Motion, we take dance as an art form seriously as well.  In fact, many of your student's instructors spent a pretty penny even studying it is a primary goal in college!  That's dedication.  Our studio has been a staple of the greater Hampton Roads Arts Community since its days as Children's Dance Theater in the early 80's and it's our goal to continue to uphold a reputation for quality, professional education not only in dance technique after school, but in the theater arts as well! 

Step 1:

tip make-up - bun.jpg

Embrace your role as a new dance parent, arm yourself with bobby pins, hairspray, extra hair ties (PS clear nail polish stops runs in tights). Find the kid or mom who knows how to make a bun or french braid (I'm still terrible at it, in fact, I cut my hair short to avoid making buns my whole professional career) and make best friends with those people.  Encourage the dance performances on the deck and in the back yard with friends; provide props & be the DJ.  PLEASE avoid acro on the trampoline, but, we do what we can... 

Step 2:

Get your costume balance in on time. We order costumes as soon as we come back from Winter Break and they STILL take until May to arrive to the studio! There are likely 50,000 dance studios in the U.S - but I can only name under 10 costume companies off the top of my head, and trust 3 of them.  Thus, costume deposits are due EARLY.  Get the Costume Details here and cross it off your list before the holidays. 

Step 3:

Starting in the New Year, every class at the studio, from Ballet 1 to Advanced Hip-Hop will begin working on a "June Show Piece."  Each class gets an 'entry' into our end of year performance. (TIP: Check out the Studio's Yearly CALENDAR with all important dates and events) 

Step 4:

We're skipping a few details here (tickets, rehearsals etc. which will come in the spring) to cut to the chase. 

Your child, on stage.  Your family, in the audience.  They've worked so hard all year to get to this point, they've improved, they've asked questions, they've grown, they're nearly 1 year older now (sorry!) This special day is for them to soak in the love, the wonder of the theater and arts experience.  They get to spend a Saturday night backstage with new dance friends getting hair and makeup done then pulling on their sparkly, exciting costume.  Feel the nerves of waiting in the wings and watching the older dancers dance and wondering "Will I be able to dance like that one day?"

This is the June Show, and it is awesome!

tap backstage.jpg

A Journey to Recovery, Telling a Story with Dance, Part 2

"I am very excited to be chosen as your Starlet. I am not sure if you are aware but I willbe a returning Starlet. So that could be good or bad depending on your perspective on it. Last time I performed a cha cha to Mandisa Overcomer. It was a very difficult dance but I did it and I believe I rocked it. So I felt great about it. I can't wait to learn something new...."

My first email from Dee Sanchez, my Starlet for 2017, who also is a self-proposed "Dance Mom" (If you're reading this blog, it means you are too, but if you aren't it means; seamstress, competition driver, eyelash glue-er and much more.)  Not to mention she also has a background in Musical Theater and Vocals!

Last year, Melanie Georges and I performed "All That Jazz" from Broadway & Fosse's Chicago and Melanie won Fan Favorite!  My creativity at the beginning of the fall had not been flowing so far.  It's my 2nd season at the helm of MIMDance and just 2 weeks after my wedding.  Dee and I set a date to discuss costuming, music, style and plan out our dance, a 2 hour affair including laughter, making connections, storytelling and yes, I catch the tears behind her eyes as she retells thoughtful moments too.

Dee has chosen a song perfect for the dance.  We are immediately on the same page and all of the puzzle pieces fall into place. 

All she knows is that she wants to tell a story, all I know is it is my job to make that happen through dance, and I'm nervous as hell.  Now I'm on the spot come up with a dance that honors this woman, her family and friends and their journey in just the right way in front of a huge audience.  This is what choreographers and artists do, let's rock and roll!

The afternoon starts with, "Music was an important part of my treatment, I would just sit with headphones on." while trying to channel the strength and bravery. 

In "Brave" by Moriah Peters, stand out sections of our journey through the dance and music include a portrayal of her husband during the lyric "Impossible is possible with you" and "No More running, no more hiding" where with me as her guide, we fight to untie her headscarf and toss it together joyously towards the audience before moving on with our dance. 

"Impossible is possible with you"

Dee tells me that she hid her bald head from chemotherapy treatments for a long time, not wanting to go out in public.  Just 1 part of a journey that can seem so long is the moment when you can bravely "shed" that headscarf.  

Did I mention that we couldn't rehearse at all for the first 2 weeks due to Dee's foot surgery?  That's right, Dee and I plan on dancing in just a few weeks EVEN THOUGH she just had surgery on her toes on her left foot. Dropping out of Starlet's is not an option for Dee, her toe surgery was necessary because of neuropathy in her foot caused by her chemotherapy treatments, a common and serious ailment and side effect in cancer patients.  To Dee, it's just another step in her journey.  

"Dropping out of Starlet's is not an option for Dee."

Once we dance on stage November 4th (at Sandler Center from 7-10 pm Adult Tickets are $25 and student tickets are $15 - get yours HERE) then we'll really show all aspects of the journey, bum foot and all!

VOTE for us to be Fan Favorites - each vote is only $1!