Theater Procedure & Etiquette

Music In Motion Dance Studio has been a staple in the Hampton Roads Arts Community for over 35 years.   We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation for well-behaved dancers and parents; professionally produced and artistically inclined theatrical shows; efficient timelines and overall know-how.  All of our instructors hold college degrees or higher in dance performance and choreography.  Read carefully, and responsibly, and check our our BLOG for more recital tips.



  • Dancers wear street clothes to and from performance and dress rehearsal.
  • Dancers should be "READY TO GO" for Dress Rehearsal in athletic clothes to move in on stage upon arrival Sunday 6/4.
  • All students should arrive with HAIR DONE in the style of their first dance. 
  • Make-up is not necessary for Dress Rehearsal. Stage make-up should not be worn to or from the performance.  Chaperones will apply lipstick and blush to younger dancers and will be provided.  Or you can make-up your younger dancer prior to arrival to the show on Saturday 6/10. 
  • Absolutely no jewelry or nail polish.
  • Test your undergarments prior to arrival. Dancers do not wear "panties" underneath of dance costumes.  Tights are considered dancers "underwear" or "long-underwear."  This creates a clean and unobtrusive line on stage. 
  • Water only is allowed in the Theater and backstage.  Light snacks are allowed such as trail mix, granola bars etc. to avoid costume mis-haps. 
  • Bring games or books for waiting time backstage.


  • No parents are allowed backstage longer than 5-10 minutes to settle youngest students, nor during intermission. 
  • Parking is in the lot in front of the theater.  Additional parking is available in the lot in the back or on the street. 
  • All students will be checked in at a table in the lobby by a Chaperone and directed to their dressing room. 
  • All students must be checked out by a parent both 6/6 and 6/10. Any student who drives themselves must provide written notice to not be checked out by a parent.
  • Student check-out will be located in the Left-Hand hallway by the bathrooms/double-doors.
  • Parents may pick-up students in Show A AFTER the completion of the entire show only.  This is to ensure a full and attentive audience for all students.
  • Parents may pick up students from Show B who are done after Act 1 at Intermission Only. 
  • Parents may pick up students who are done after Act 2 at the End Of Show only.
  • No Students in ANY show will be released mid-show. 
  • Parents ARE allowed to sit in the audience for dress rehearsal 6/4.  Photography is allowed - Absolutely NO FLASH.
  • Absolutely No Photography or Filming of any kind is allowed on Saturday 6/10.