Tips for Recital Success!


Stage Make-Up Tutorial HERE

Make-Up Kit:
Small Handheld Mirror
Pink Blush
Pink/Berry Lipstick
Red Lipstick
Gray/Brown Eyeshadow
Black Mascara
Black Liquid Eyeliner
Sponge Applicators
Make-up Remover Pads
Make-Up Remover
Cotton Balls
Cotton Swabs
Nail Polish Remover
Sandwich Baggies
Jewelry Keep-safes
**Leave Valuables at home!

ALL students of all ages will wear make-up on stage.  This ensures that underneath of the bright stage lighting that your students face is clear and defined and able to be seen from a distance in the audience as well as on the DVD video.  Order your DVD or Thumbdrive for $28-$32 HERE

"The Theater Experience"
It is standard practice for performers to never arrive nor leave a theater in "stage make-up."  Thus we typically ask for students to not arrive made-up.  For elementary school students in Show A, volunteers and teachers back stage apply basic make-up and the students enjoy waiting in line and being made-up.  However, if your student has allergies or you wish to do make-up prior to arrival - we welcome you to!

Youth Students Show A:
Ages 4-6: Matching Powder, Pink/Berry Lipstick, Pink Blush, No Mascara, No Eyeshadow

Ages 7-9: Matching Powder/Foundation, Pink/Berry Lipstick, Pink Blush, Light application of Black Mascara, Light application of Brown eyeshadow or No Eyeshadow

Students Show B:
"Stage Make-Up" is best described as heavy special event make-up.

  • Absolutely no glitter or sparkles.  
  • No colored eyeshadow - brown or gray shades only.
  • Use Highlighter to accent eyes.  
  • Apply and re-apply lipstick for each dance!
  • Absolutely NO jewelry
  • Remove ALL nail polish!

Costume Tips

Tip 1: LABEL
Don't wait until the last minute to ensure all of your students belongings are labeled! Use a black felt marker to write initials in ALL:

  • Dance Shoes
  • Dance bags
  • Clothing Items/Costumes/Hair Accessories
  • Make-Up Bags & Accessory Kits
  • Toys, games, books & entertainment items they are bringing.

Try your costume on once more to make sure everything is in place! Does anything need to be hemmed? Straps tacked or tightened? Accessories, bows or flowers pinned down?  Make these adjustments BEFORE heading to the theater for dress rehearsal. 

  • Place your costume in a garment bag.
  • If you don't have a garment bag - place an upside down garbage bag over it. 
  • Steam your Costume in the shower (or use a steamer!) to remove wrinkles.
  • Place hair accessories in a baggie and attach directly to hanger
  • Place other accessories (gloves etc.) in a separate baggie and attach to hanger.
  • Label shoes and place in garment bag or dance bag. 

Dance box? We recommend using a medium sized plastic box (file sized) to store make-up bag, hair kits, multiple shoes, accessory kits (see below), games, books, toys, socks, clothes to wear in & out of the theater, hangers etc!  

The size & shape of the box make it easy to organize and "dig through" and if it's clear it's easier to see and find items than a dance duffel!

Accessory Kit:

  • Nail Clippers, Nail File
  • Nail Polish Remover - Cotton Balls
  • Small Mirror - don't fight for mirror space!
  • Safety Pins - Sewing Kit
  • Pens, Journal
  • Phone Charger
  • Book, homework
  • Ibuprofen, Tums
  • Granola Bars, Dry, Healthy Snacks
  • Water Bottle
  • Warm Socks/Slippers
  • Sweatshirt/Sweatpants (for backstage/warm-ups)
  • Dance Clothes (for warming-up/blocking pieces on stage)
  • Street clothes (to wear to and from dress rehearsal/show)
  • Dress, jewelry, make-up (to wear out to celebration, greet family AFTER show day!)

Ballet Bun:
Video HERE

Hair Items Needed:
Paddle Brush
V-Hair Pins
Bobby Pins
Thick Elastic
Hair Gel
Hair Spray
Hair Net
**All Pins, Elastic & Net
Should be in COLOR of students hair - no bright colors!

Costume Checklists by Class

Click on the buttons below by class style to find your students class day and time and see each costume piece listed including hairstyle, hairpieces and accessories.