Dance Classes

At Music In Motion Dance Studio we emphasize building creativity and confidence in every student.  From students that attend once a week to those that rehearse and dance upwards of 10 hours a week – our team of expert and compassionate instructors cultivate an environment of dedicated and fun learning.



Dance Electives

For the recreational dancer or the technical dancer wishing to expand their repertoire; dance electives are fun classes that focus on contemporary & popular dance forms!  We recommend 1-3 electives per student based on technique classes and age.  Try 2 different style classes back to back! 

Classes Fall 2017-Spring 2018:


Hip-Hop Level 1 & 2
Thursdays 6-7 pm

Modern Level 1 & 2
Thursdays 7-8 pm

Lyrical Modern 3
Mondays 5-6 pm

Hip-Hop 3/4
Mondays 7-8 pm

Teen/Adult Hip-Hop/Funk
Mondays 6-7 pm


Open Level Acro
Mondays 4-5 pm


8 to 10

8 to 10
pairs well with HH 1/2!

Middle & High School
great for beginners!

11 & up
middle Schoolers

14 & up
high school to adult. Pairs great with Lyrical Modern for teens or Adult Ballet for adults!

starting at age 6


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Dance Technique

A progressive education in classical dance forms that continuously builds the foundation for powerful, artistic expression through dance!  Beginner dancers are welcomed at any level to start with 1 class a week and grow from there!  We recommend 1-3 Dance Technique specific classes per student based on age prior to choosing electives. 

To determine your level and recommended class schedule, contact Ms. Lauren at

Fall 2017 Schedule Examples:
Junior Age 9-11

Mondays: Jazz 3 5-6, Tap 4 6-7 | Tuesdays: Ballet 3 6-7 Contemporary 2/3 7-8 | Thursdays: Ballet 3 5-6

Teen: Age 12-14
Mondays: Ballet 4 5-6, Hip-Hop 4 6-7 | Wednesdays: Modern 4 5-6, Jazz 4 6-7:15 |  Thursdays: Ballet 4/5 6-7:15

Seniors: Age 15-18
Monday:Contemporary 4-5, Hip-Hop 5-6|Wednesday Ballet 4:45-6, Jazz 6-7:15 |Thursday Modern 5-6, Ballet 6-7:15

Competition Team at Music In Motion Dance Studio Virginia Beach

Performance Team

Committed students who wish the opportunity to rehearse, learn and perform in an additional curated performance as well as local & regional competition may audition for the Music In Motion Dance Company.  This 501c3 non-profit organization conducts fundraisers, workshops, and public performances to foster support for the art of dance. The organization encourages its dancers to exhibit self-confidence, self-discipline, and community responsibility. 

The Music In Motion Dance Company non-profit Performance Team's 2017 show!