Intro Dance Classes at Music In Motion

Ages 18 months to 6 years old

June 15th 2018 In-Studio Performance of our 3 and 4 year old students Creative Movement Class Contact 757-340-1534 for more information about our programs for Intro to Dance Classes

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Age 18 Months - 3 Years Class Option
BORN TO MOVE is a fun, creative, science based preschool fitness program. Specially written music guides the class on an imaginary journey that is fun and easy to follow! Designed to develop basic motor skills, physical awareness, stimulate creativity and imagination. Class is taken WITH a Parent or Caregiver.
Ages 3-4 Class Option
1st Year: Creative Movement: Designed to give young children experience in movement and dance exploration to help facilitate coordination, creativity, flexibility and strength. Improvisation, imagination and basic ballet foundation are emphasized. 2nd Year: (4 years old): Discover Dance, an extension of Creative Movement with a greater emphasis on ballet and rhythm basics as well as classroom behavior.
Ages 4.5-6 Class Option
Tumble/Ballet/Tap Combo: The beginnings of Ballet & Tap building blocks along with safe & fun tumbling skills and basics are taught through the use of primary center floor work and natural movements. Spatial relationship, classroom etiquette and musical timing are emphasized, along with creative exploration and improvisation.
Ages 5-6 Class Options
Move & Groove: Beginner Jazz & Hip-Hop Beginner Tumbling: Floor gymnastics such as cartwheels, bridges, flexibility and more! Ballet/Tap Combo: Half and Half of the building blocks of dance.