Year Round Class Requirements

Company members are expected to take classes year-round.  Full company members are also expected to participate in the summer session at their class levels.  

Company Class Requirements: 

  • 5 hours minimum of Intermediate or Advanced level classes per week to be cast in 5 pieces, 4 hours a week minimum to be cast in 4 pieces. 
  • Ballet & Jazz as required by level (2x/week at 60 minutes or 75 minutes)
  • Elective Classes to fill in remaining hours: Modern, Hip-Hop, Tap, Contemporary
  • Junior Company members who's ballet level is once a week are required to complete only 4hours/week minimum.  

   Apprentice Company Class Requirements:

  • 3 hours minimum of classes per week. Ballet OR Modern/Contemporary required as one of the classes. 

    Mini Company Class Requirements:

  • 2 hours minimum of classes per week.  Ballet required as one of the classes. 


All company members are required to pay monthly dues for a full calendar year of 12 months.  Dues are arranged per piece ($5/each), with an additional monthly fee for Competition Company members ($10/month).  Payments can be made via check on a yearly or quarterly basis.  Credit Cards are accepted with a convenience fee added.  All additional competition, workshops, privates and rehearsals are billed accordingly and separately. 


Past year’s fundraisers include a car wash, a holiday show and a Dance-A-Thon among others to be determined.  All dancers are expected to participate in all fundraisers and all parents are expected to help on the committee of at least one event.

Multiple family discounts for fundraising requirements are in place.  Fundraising minimums respective to Full, Apprentice and Mini-Company membership placement.  

Place Selection

  • All company members audition for pieces within the disciplines they take classes in.  There is 1 group cast piece that is required for all dancers to participate in as a team. 
  • Mini and apprentice company members should expect to be in 1 to 2 pieces. 
  • Full company members will likely be in 2-5 pieces in the show and may also understudy for additional roles.
  • Members should expect one hour a week rehearsal per piece they are in.  


Requirements:  All rehearsals are mandatory, however, permission may be granted for family circumstances.  Written approval for an absence must be obtained a minimum of one month prior to any absence.  During the month of the show no absence will be excused.  Sicknesses need to be called in as soon as possible and if possible, dancers should still come and observe rehearsal. 


  • Full company pieces will rehearse on Saturdays, September through February.
  • Additional rehearsal times are built into the Fall schedule yearly. 
  • Competition team members will have 3 additional competitions in January-March that will require additional rehearsals mid-week.
  • Mini company pieces will generally rehearse weekdays before/after classes.
  • In the month of the show, all company members need to be available Friday after school, Saturday, and Sunday.  Rehearsals also might be scheduled on school holidays (not Thanksgiving or Christmas) prior to our show (such as teacher/staff .  We will have rehearsal midweek before Christmas break begins.

Absences:  Dancers must be in the studio warming up at least 15 minutes prior to their rehearsal call time.  Please call your choreographer if running late.  Three unexcused late arrivals may cause removal from piece.  Any unexcused absence may cause removal from piece.  All dancers must maintain 2-5 hours of technique class per week based on your level.  If you do not make up missed classes 2 months in a row you may be removed from one of your pieces (severe sickness does not need to be made-up).


The large company show that will support a local charity will either be in January or February.  Location and date will depend on fundraising, size of company, and Board approval.  This show is mandatory for all dancers.  Other performance opportunities will be released as soon as they are available and will include a nursing home and one other community performance.  All company members will participate in one competition for the experience and those who would like to be apart of our competition team as a group piece or solo/duet/trio will also participate in up to 3 additional regional competitions.  We will also look into a national competition this year (in Virginia Beach) for those available.