June Show Costume Details

Our “Costume Book” has been published in our online store as well as in-hand in the lobby.  Please check either online or in the binder for pricing for your students class.  The costumes are listed by Class Name, Day of Week and Time.

Pink Tights.jpg

Required Performance Tights

  • EVERY STUDENT will be required to purchase the appropriate new tights according to each class and costume.
  • Tights are priced at discounted from retail/wholesale industry prices and can (and will) be worn in dance classes the whole next year!
  • Tights invoices will be finalized 2/15/18 and all payment due by MARCH 1, 2018. No need to purchase tights now, exact requirements per class will be on your invoice in February.

You MAY NOT purchase your own tights or use an old or current pair of tights.  We purchase all tights new, in bulk to ensure that all students in each class have the same pair and brand of tights that are of the same “dye-lot” for uniformity on stage. 

Please respectfully and maturely note that dancers do not wear underwear underneath of costumes on stage.  Tights are considered a dancer’s underwear (imagine “long underwear”) that help to reduce unsightly lines, hold costume pieces in place, provide modesty when changing backstage etc.  

tan mary jane tap shoes.jpg


*If you don't have the "right" color shoe now, don't worry! Wait until your student absolutely needs them (feet grow etc.) Then we'll have a fresh pair for June Show!

For All New Shoe Purchases, visit our online dancewear store for discounted industry prices and quality dancewear items or head to JETE or DANCE OUTFITTERS for a live fitting. 
Passcode: MIMDance17
Click on the name of your student's class to find the appropriate shoe for each class. 

Required Shoes Per Class/Genre:

 Ballet classes: Pink/Ballet Pink Ballet Shoes required for all.  Ideally Leather with full sole for Ballet 1 & Ballet 2.  Canvas and Split sole are allowed for Ballet 3 and up.

·Jazz: ALL classes TAN Pull on Jazz Booties required by June Show.

Tap: Tan Mary Jane or Tan Oxford Style Split Sole.

 Tumble/Ballet/Tap: Thursdays 4:30 pm will be performing in Tap Shoes – Mary Jane Style TAN Tap Shoes Required.

Ballet/Tap Combo: on Monday at 4 pm will be performing in Tap Shoes – Mary Jane Style TAN Tap Shoes Required.

Hip-Hop ½ and Hip-Hop ¾: BLACK shoes are required.  We do have several pairs of Black Dance sneakers available here at MIM for re-sale at $15/pair - email to see if we have your size!  You can also use regular black sneakers or purchase dance shoes online at our Online Dance store.

Move & Groove: Will be performing in their own sneakers/tennis shoes (no need to buy special dance shoes).  We'll aim towards shoes that are darker toned with blues, gray, black colors that will blend with costume.  In May - we'll ask parents to send students to the studio with shoes so we can decide. 

Other Recommended Items

We recommend nude leotards and/or nude sports bras with both clear and nude adjustable straps as undergarments.  You can find these in the Online Store HERE

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Costume Payment & Sizing

2017-2018 June Show Costume Payment & Ordering is complete as of December 1st 2017. 

New costume orders post 1/8/18 will be required to pay an $8 shipping fee. 

2018-2019 Costume Season

  • All costume balances will be automatically charged in full to the Credit Card on file on November 16th, 2018. 
  • Submit your student's measurements using the form on our website by following our easy online tutorial (and video!) Measurements are Due December 1st, 2018. We WILL size your student if you do not submit a parent form - however, students without parent submitted sizing and measurements may be subject to exchange and return fees.